Enerland Group concludes its First Onboarding Program 2023 to train all new employees from the headquarters of the company.


The training sessions have been held in the main meeting room in our headquarters, in Zaragoza. There, 15 scholars and new employees have gathered over the course of two weeks to learn more about how each of the departments worked. Our CEO, Manuel Balet, highlighted during the last presentation that “Enerland Group is a small company, but it is quite complex”. The variety of services offered for each of its branches, its transversality, and its international relevance are essential aspects to what Enerland Group is.

During the training process, employees have had the opportunity to get to know managers and directors from each of the areas. This has included each of the departments in Enerland but also MontiCell, our self-consumption branch specialized in industrial projects. The presentations have covered everything from central services to development, engineering, construction, self-consumption, and 0&M departments. The discussions have been as diverse as the company itself.

Every participant of the Onboarding program has completed the training with a better understanding of the work done by the rest of the professionals in Enerland. The iniciative has had a great response from both employees and managers. As a conclusion, the program serves the purpose of showcasing the value of the daily work done by each and everyone of our employees in Enerland.

Sesión del Onboarding 2023 Sesión programa Onboarding 2023


Enerland Group, a growing company


Enerland Group now has over 400 employees globally, with approximately 80 of them in the central headquarters in Zaragoza. The company has offices in more than 11 countries including Europe, America and Africa, and over 100 projects in development, almost 5 GW.