Enerland Group has obtained the 2023 Aragon Circular Seal in its second call, organized by the Department of Economy, Planning and Employment of Aragon Government. Almost 100 applications and more than 70 businesses passed their evaluations.

At the beginning of July, Aragon Government acknowledged Enerland Group, a multinational renewable energy company, granting them the 2023 Aragon Circular Seal. Results of the second call highlighted the effort and endeavour of 73 businesses and local entities that overcame the evaluation. The seal was granted in business and local administration categories. To receive this seal, Aragon Government technicians evaluated the implementation degree of each of the principles of circular economy in Enerland Group management, their impact on value chain and their contribution to making a more sustainable economy, both efficient in the use of resources and competitive in Aragon. Daisy Rodriguez, Environmental Department leader, drafted the report, gathering good practices in terms of renewable energy and circular economy strategy in relation to design, operation, maintenance, dismantling and photovoltaic project closure.

About Aragon Circular Seal

The main target of 2023 Aragon Circular Seal is to acknowledge the efforts made by businesses and other entities in a matter of transitioning to the new circular economy model, as well as raising awareness about other economical activities, local entities and society in general about the process in the autonomous region of Aragon towards an excellent, innovative, sustainable and circular management. For this same reason, Aragon Government has reaffirmed its commitment by launching the Aragon Circular Strategy in January 2020, alligned to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the 2030 Agenda and has the aim of creating a political, economical and social environment that provides a smoother transition to an innovative circular economy in Aragon, that uses resources efficiently, lows the carbon emissions, creates quality employment and promoves territorial cohesion.