Enerland Group completes construction of 12.3 MWp photovoltaic plant Honda 1, in Colombia.


Enerland Group continues to consolidate in Latin America, specifically in Colombia, where it has completed the construction of PV plant Honda 1 for their client Atlántica. The plant has a capacity of 12.3 MWp and an extension of almost 21 hectares, where a total of 18,816 solar modules were installed. It will generate nearly 25,000 MWh of renewable energy per year, which will be equivalent to the energy needed to supply 18,201 Colombian households. It will also prevent the emission of 7,626 tons of polluting gases into the atmosphere per year, contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

This plant adds to Enerland’s international portfolio in Colombia, being this the 5th plant built and commissioned in the country. Thank you, Atlántica, for trusting us with this project.


Corporate Social Responsibility at Honda 1


Following the quality standards and respect for the flora and fauna that inhabit the places where the company operates, for the development of Honda 1 we sought excellence in our work performed, prioritizing both environmental and social factors:


  • Training on waste management, fauna management, and carer for natural resources.
  • Donation of recyclable materials such as cable reels and pallets for its use in handicrafts such as the manufacture of tables. These materials are reusable for the community.
  • Generation of local employment with the recruitment of almost 160 direct and indirect employees. As in other cases, a training plan is implemented to capacitate all personnel in terms of safety, prevention and possible risks.
  • Attention and participation of communities and authorities throughout the process.