Enerland Group completes the construction of photovoltaic plants La Tolúa and Tierra Linda, both located in Córdoba, Colombia.


After the construction of our photovoltaic plant Canal del Dique for Surtigas back in 2021, Enerland Group finished the construction of two new plants in Colombia. Both projects, La Tolúa (26,19 MW) and Tierra Linda (12,71 MW), started working back in April 2023. A total of 72.720 bifacial solar panels with a tracker structure were installed in the 75 hectares of land. Both plants will produce an average 77 GWh of renewable energy. This energy is equivalent to the supply needed for 56.166 households. In addition, it will avoid the emission of 23.533 tons of polluting gases per year, contributing to a sustainable development for the country. These two photovoltaic plants in Colombia are added to the international portfolio that Enerland already has in America: the estimation is that by the end of 2023 Enerland will have over 100 MWp in built projects.


Corporate Social Responsibility in Colombia


Enerland does not focus only on renewable energy and its development. We are also trying to achieve a sustainable future, environmentally and socially respectful, through our good practices in every country where we operate. Some examples that we have applied during the construction of both plants are:


  • After finishing the construction of the projects, a replantation of native trees was made in the area. More than 3.500 trees and bushes were planted in total.
  • For both plants, over 160 direct and local jobs were created in the area, related to mechanical work, power and civil work. In addition to that, almost 60 indirect workers gave support during construction. Apart from that, donations were given to local communities, such as reusable materials from the construction site (wood, pipes…).