Enerland Group attended the Industry and Energy Forum 2023, held in Barcelona, where the energy situation in Catalonia and its needs were discussed.

The Industry and Energy Forum 2023 (FIE2023) took place last September 13th in Barcelona. Some of the main topics discussed during the event were the current situation, needs and next goals for Catalonia in the energy field. Our sales director, Mario Baz, attended the forum, with the purpose of listening and establishing contact with the main representatives of the Catalan industry.

Among the guest speakers were José Montilla and Artur Mas, ex-presidents of the Government of Catalonia. The city mayor, Jaume Collboni, was also in attendance, as well as other politicians from different Ministries and the Autonomous Community. European Union representatives and several leaders from local company organizations were invited as well. The broad range of speakers enriched the debate about the energy situation with multiple perspectives.

During the FIE, these speakers analyzed each different agent involved in the development of the sector, not only in Catalonia, but in the whole Europe. Challenges that came with the pandemic, as well as the energy crisis, were some of the main topics, highlighting the relevance of renewable energy and photovoltaic self-consumption as some of the keys to achieve a more sustainable future.

Mario Baz shared his experience in the Forum with us: “Congratulations to FIE for the organization of the Industry and Energy Forum. There was a unanimous agreement among the speakers about the need to boost renewable capacity in Catalonia, with the goal of being less dependent on imported power from outside the territory. For these past 2 years, Enerland Group has already installed +4 MW, just in Catalonia”. We are proud of these numbers, that is why we work hard each and every day so that we can maintain this growth, both on a national and international scale.