Last week, Enerland Group attended the anticipated 2024 Renewable Energy Summit (SER 2024) in Guatemala, as a sponsor of the event.

The 2024 Renewable Energy Summit was held on Wednesday, January 31st. Enerland took part as one of the sponsors of the meeting. Our colleagues, Herbert Rodríguez, head of engineering execution, and Gerardo Rodríguez, project manager, attended the event as company representatives from our El Salvador headquarters.

This tyoe of meetings promote the creation of solid investment spaces and proposals of strategic actions. These will not only allow adaptability of new generaiton models into the electricity matrix, but will also facilitate the development of new technologies that will ensure a smoooth and efficient energy transition for all Guatemalans.

Summary of the Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Generators Association -AGER- was founded in 2002 as a non-profit. It was created to promote investigation, education and good use of renewable sources in Guatemala. Since then, they have gathered a large number of people from the private energy sector, creating SER, a platform for the impulse of the electric transformation in the country, through conferences, lectures and panel discussions.

This year’s edition had an attendance of 445 professionals and, in addition, they were joined by another 178 people via live transmission. Finally, the event featured 14 national and international speakers. It has been a pleasure being part of this meeting. We hope to be able to return in 2025 and share our experiences working in the country.