Sustainability and Environment

We work for a better future


These are the tons of CO2 avoided with our photovoltaic plants, which are equivalent to:


Millions of kilometers
and their emissions


Millions of treeswill be needed to absorb these amounts of CO2



Our commitment is to build a low emission energy future, relying on the conservation of the planet, sustainable development and social welfare.

We join the “Declaration against the Climate and Environmental Emergency in Spain” contributing to get a better future for all.


We take care of the ecosystem and society

Concern for the conservation of the middle part of our DNA, so we focus on a model energy efficient and respectful of the planet.

Responsible photovoltaic facilities

We have a department made up of environmental experts who are responsible for monitoring and studying the possible negative effects on the locations of our projects to ensure the minimum impact on the environment.

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Project analysis

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Study of different locations

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Assessment of possible conditions

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Minimization of the impact on the environment

We strive for true sustainability

In Enerland, we engage beyond regulatory commitments, working to develop complementary proposals that benefit ecosystems. Everything, through different actions or measures, trying to value the biodiversity of the environment of our photovoltaic plants, always in consensus with the parties involved in the local sphere.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

We support the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations through the 2030 Agenda. From Enerland we work to achieve these SDGs by promoting, contributing, operating, maintaining solar energy parks in more than 10 countries around the world.


Sustainable cities and communities

In an increasingly urbanized world, from Enerland, we contribute to the development of sustainable cities thanks to the use of renewable energies, favoring the reduction of carbon emissions, thus improving the quality of life and the environment.

Industry, innovation and infrastructures

We support inclusive and sustainable industrialization models that foster innovation and development. In addition, we modernize infrastructures and industries promoting photovoltaic installations that allow the efficient use of resources.

Affordable and clean energy

We work to promote access to electricity in all countries of the world. At Enerland we bring clean energy to remote places that, due to their location, cannot be connected to conventional grid points.

Climate action

Unlike conventional energies, photovoltaics avoids the emission of large tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, thus helping to curb the greenhouse effect.

Gender equality

We are committed to the egalitarian growth of our workforce with equal teams and a structure made up of both men and women at all levels of responsibility.

Decent work and economic growth

Enerland’s inclusive and sustained economic growth can drive generational advancement by creating quality jobs for all that enhance the well-being of society.

Responsible consumption and production

World consumption and production depends on the use of the environment and its natural resources. Our renewable energy contributes to caring for the planet and the transition towards a more committed model.

Most noteworthy projects