Our Environmental Department attended the 1st Bioagrovoltaic Conference on March 21st, hosted by UNEF. The meeting gathered over 200 participants from the photovoltaic sector, companies, and several experts in the field.


The Conference Room of the School of Regional Administration in Toledo held the event, which discussed the opportunities and challenges that organic agriculture has to offer when combined with the production of photovoltaic power. In order to collect and synthesize the information, UNEF introduced the first report on Bioagrovoltaic in Spain.

The Conference analyzed how the implementation of bioagrovoltaic techniques needs to be adapted to each territory and project, since each area has different particularities. The conversation highlighted the importance of providing proven and reliable facts about the impact of agrovoltaic when considering its use, establishing specific objectives to measure its evolution.

Daisy Rodríguez, head of Enerland Group’s Environmental Department, said: “At Enerland, we believe that it is possible to balance sustainable agriculture, green energy, biodiversity distribution and the conservation of water resources. For this reason, we are collaborating in the search for dynamic agrovoltaic solutions that allow us to develop new perspectives for a sustainable management of this activity, compatible with renewable energies”.


Environmental Department at Enerland Group


Enerland Group has a department exclusively dedicated to the study, evaluation and impact minimization that our activity may have on the environment. To this end, our Environmental team implements various measures, not only during the development of the project, but also during and after its construction. Some of these measures would be revegetation, or the construction of wildlife refuges.