Enerland Group participates in COREN 2023. The event was held in Sheraton President Hotel (San Salvador) between the 23rd and 25th of August.

Last week, Dany Reyes, Country Manager in Enerland Group El Salvador, participated as a speaker in the most relevant event for the energy industry in Central America and the Caribbean: the Regional Congress of Energy (COREN 2023), organized by the Asociación Salvadoreña de Industriales (ASI). The forum took place between the 23rd and 25th of August. The main topics of discussion were sustainability and energy efficiency in the country, being “Power Storage and Implementations on the Electricity Market” the main theme overall. The event started with several presentations made by large companies from over 24 countries about their experience in the sector. Afterwards, various topics of interest in relation to the industry in El Salvador and the Central American region were analyzed and discussed. During the debate, Dany Reyes, as moderator, led the conversation and those topics covered:

  • Relevance of power storage to pursue an energy transition to renewable energies
  • Experience in different countries in relation to the implementation of power storage and services provided to the electricity grid
  • The need to regulate the advances to impulse power storage development and its integration with renewable sources

“It has been a pleasure taking part in such an interesting forum, now considered as one of the most relevant events in the sector. If I had to reach a conclusion, it would be that the development of power storage and its implementation on the electrical system is key to prevent the deceleration of the research on renewable sources and its contribution to the energy transition. In Enerland we will continue working on producing clean energy for the region“. Dany Reyes, Country Manager in Enerland Group El Salvador. See you in the next edition!