One of the great strengths of Enerland is the area of development of large photovoltaic parks

We have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector who oversee comprehensively and specifically developing each of our solar energy projects.



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GW development

Our project development team oversees the entire process: from the first stages, including the feasibility study, to the end, providing PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) when it is necessary.

Our search for perfection and detail allows us to execute large park developments in an agile and successful way. Therefore, all our projects have passed both technical and legal audits of the best and most important international firms.

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The search for a suitable plot of land and the administrative processing involved

We started the project by looking for and managing the land, studying the possible affections of it as well as its surroundings and choosing those locations that suppose a lower impact on the environment

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The processing of the environmental management study

We fully carry out the procedures for environmental management studies. If the environmental validation of the administrations, we do not start the development engineering stage

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The design engineering of the solar facility and an analysis of the production and profitability thereof

Our team of highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the photovoltaic sector is in charge of designing the solar park, preparing all technical documentation and studying energy production so that our clients always obtain the maximum profitability from the park

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The comprehensive administrative processing of licences and permits

Once all the administrative, legal and environmental permits necessary for the construction of the park have been processed, we carry out an exhaustive monitoring of them, making modifications in an agile way when necessary to obtain all the necessary permits and licenses to begin the construction of the photovoltaic park

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Ready to build sale

The project already meets all the requirements and is ready to start building. At this point, we offer the sale of the park in RTB mode