We show you a success case: Operation and maintenance at La Pizarra Photovoltaic Plant.

Do you know the photovoltaic module cleaning service? We tell you about it through the success story: operation and maintenance. This service is essential to maintain the correct operation of the photovoltaic plants over time as well as their production efficiently. Operation and maintenance or O&M service is one of the key services we offer. Carrying out certain predictive and preventive tasks efficiently and periodically saves both time and costs in future corrective maintenance tasks. Within the different tasks that we carry out, in the preventive service we offer the cleaning of equipment and modules through different technologies.


What does it consist of?

The specific programs designed for cleaning the different types of modules that exist, make it possible to effectively combat the dirt that accumulates in them over time. Dust or mud are some of the elements that can end up affecting the operation of photovoltaic panels the most. Periodically eliminating these remains, we manage to improve their performance and production. For the cleaning of modules, roller tractors are used with treated water free of chemical products that can leave other residues such as lime, chlorine or other residues. At Enerland, we work with suppliers that offer the highest quality to carry out this work in a fast and efficient way that allows not to interrupt the production of the plants or interfere with the radiation received. We not only carry out this service in large photovoltaic plants, but we also carry it out in the Monticell facilities.

Success case: Operation and maintenance at La Pizarra Photovoltaic Plant

La Pizarra Solar Park completed its construction last year. After performing the EPC service, our client decided that we would also be their provider for the operation and maintenance service. For the same, during all this time, different tasks have been carried out that have allowed to ensure the maximum performance and production of the plant since its start-up. “Cleaning is a vital maintenance operation for the efficiency of the installation since production increases of up to 5% can be achieved, as well as ensuring the quality of life of the modules during their useful life” -Eduardo Cardiel, Manager of the O&M area at Enerland Group. Today, we show you the images of the photovoltaic module cleaning process. This service has been carried out through the use of the articulated system “tractor with roller”.