We attended RENPOWER Greece ’22, the European convention to assess new opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

At Enerland Group we are very aware of how important it is to be up to date with the latest developments both at a technological level and in the sector. Our international component makes us constantly study the potential of new markets. If a few days ago our colleagues attended conferences as important in our industry as RENMAD or GENERA ’22, this time we attended RENPOWER Greece ’22. The event, which revolved around the new opportunities in the renewable energy sector, was attended by fifty people. As our representatives attended: Lorena Hernández, director of the development department, and Beatriz Juste, from the legal area. With more than 20 expert speakers and an open space for debate at the end of each of the four sessions of the day, our colleagues had the opportunity to assess the market in the European country.


Southern Europe enjoys a geographically advantageous position both in terms of logistics and solar radiation. Their countries, increasingly aware of this, are committed to the development of renewables, specifically photovoltaics. An example of this is the evolution of solar generation and awareness of an energy transition towards a sustainable model in Greece. In 2018, electricity obtained from solar radiation covered around 7% of the country’s energy needs. Thus, it ranked fourth in the world ranking after Honduras, Italy and Germany. The country’s biggest challenge will be to modernize and streamline bureaucratic systems for granting permits. In this way, the integration of renewables would be accelerated in a country that is still dragging, like other countries in southern Europe, the consequences of energy policies based on the use of fossil fuels.