After the success of last week’s sessions, Enerland continues to train. This time on Safety and Maneuvers with High Voltage Electrical Cells.

Enerland continues to form. In this case, it was our colleagues from Monticell, specialized in the area of ​​industrial photovoltaic self-consumption. They attended on May 30 and 31, in a split day to separate the theoretical from the practical. Cristina Salazar was in charge of giving the training at the facilities of the Tesicnor company, in Pamplona. In general terms, the content was summarized in four blocks:

  • The 5 golden rules+
  • Use of PPE for work with tension
  • Interpretation of electrical diagrams of the cells of different manufacturers
  • Procedures for connection and disconnection maneuvers of different types of cells

On Monday, May 30, the session was remote. Throughout the morning, our colleagues reviewed all the legislation, theory and elements necessary to work with low, medium and high voltage switchgear. This allows to know in depth the risks and precautions of the same. Finally, on Tuesday, after finishing the theoretical part, it was time to travel to Pamplona to put everything learned into practice. Thanks to the contribution of different cells, they were not only able to work individually, they were also able to put themselves in different situations. Therefore, despite the fact that our engineers do not have to carry out this type of operation in their day-to-day work, this allows them to help technicians indirectly. “The course provided is well structured, with a complete theoretical and practical syllabus. It has allowed us to be clear about the risks and how to operate with electric cells in solar farms, as well as the considerations for future high-voltage work designs.”.


Training plan

Enerland Group and Monticell have a general training plan established for all workers. As a result, attending to this type of more specific training for the development of a specific activity, the company is committed to training all workers who wish it, regardless of whether their daily activity involves this type of risk. Thus, for example, first aid training, work at heights, digital training, occupational risk prevention, among others, have been carried out in departments ranging from administration or marketing and communication to engineering.