Enerland participates in the sponsorship of Toni Nadal’s event: “Everything can be trained”. The event was held at the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza and welcomed more than 1,400 people.


On Thursday, November 18, Enerland participated in the sponsorship of Toni Nadal’s event: “Everything can be trained”, Rafa Nadal’s former coach, who visited the Palacio de Congresos in Zaragoza. At the conference, through his own life experiences, the former coach spoke about the inherent values of sport and how they can be extrapolated to the work and personal life of each individual. Passion, motivation, effort, resilience, commitment, character and knowing how to keep your feet on the ground after each success are some of the keys to stand out in any area of life.

Toni Nadal's event sponsors

The event “everything can be trained”

To begin, after the opening of the act carried out by the Zaragoza City Council, Toni Nadal proceeded to present his presentation for approximately an hour and a half. Subsequently, a space for questions was opened through which the public could speak directly with the former coach. In addition, during this space, some outstanding Aragonese figures in the world of sports appeared, such as Ander Herrera or Borja Iglesias through virtual questions.

Later, once the event was over, a photocall space was set up in the hall of the Palacio de Congresos.


Enerland as a sponsoring institution

For the first time, Enerland is participating in the sponsorship of such an event. True to its commitment to commit to the development of training, personal development, and promotion of culture and business culture among employees, the event perfectly reflected the values of the company.

The capacity was completed. During that night, the Palace welcomed more than 1,400 people, including more than a hundred guests from Enerland, institutions such as the Zaragoza City Council or the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce and other large multinational and local companies. Additionally, sports and educational clubs from the Community of Aragon were invited to the event.

In conclusion, we celebrate the success of the event and we appreciate the welcome and assistance of all our companions.

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