Enerland Group has received the recognition of excellence for accident prevention and management in safety, health and environment awarded by Surtigas.


After completing the complete execution of the Canal del Dique Solar Park located in Colombia, Enerland receives the recognition of excellence from Surtigas.

The award has been presented after confirming and proving that Enerland has not had any accidents and has complied with the key aspects of the contractors manual in its entirety. This has been possible thanks to the precision, care and involvement of the entire Enerland Colombia team in the project. The award ceremony was held on Saturday, November 20 at the foundation house.

Reconocimiento a la excelencia

Enerland in Colombia

Enerland arrived in Colombia in 2017. Since then, the subsidiary’s team has worked hard on the Parque Solar Canal del Dique project. This award is a reflection of all the involvement carried out in the project.

Óscar Berrío, country manager of Enerland Colombia, shared a few words: “It is the recognition of the great teamwork that was carried out between the companies. Thanks to this, we were able to successfully complete the “Canal del Dique” park ”.

Our colleagues, Jaime Bellido, head of HSE and José Hernández, Enerland’s electrical supervisor, attended the Surtigas facilities to receive the recognition on behalf of the company: “I consider this to be the most appropriate way to honor the leader of the Enerland team, in terms of the safety and health of the project ”.

About Surtigas

Surtigas is a company with more than 50 years of experience, which operates in more than 185 towns in Colombia. Its presence in most of the departments makes it the energy distributor and marketer with the largest geographic area served in the national territory: 90,000 km2.

In addition, throughout its history, Surtigas has achieved 96% coverage in its area of influence; bringing energy and wellness solutions to thousands of families, commercial and industrial clients.

With a CSR Management System focused on Sustainability, Surtigas aims to promote more equitable, livable and viable scenarios in the country through a balance between social, economic and environmental aspects from its business actions.