Enerland enters the CEPYME500 2021 edition ranking as one of the fastest growing medium-sized companies in Aragon, Spain.


In the study published by CEPYME500 2021 edition based on 2019 data, Enerland 2007 photovoltaic stands out as one of the medium-sized companies with the highest growth in recent years in Aragon. CEPYME500 edition 2021, has more than 300 pages through which companies are analyzed grouped according to the economic sector to which they belong: industry, commercial distribution, transport, business services,… To select the 500 SMEs, different variables are combined financial and indicators of innovation and international expansion. In addition, the selected companies must meet some section criteria, among which we highlight: being a public limited company or limited company, having more than four years of antiquity and having a sales figure at the end of 2019 between 10 and 200 million euros.


Companies of the territory of Aragon

In the national ranking presented in the report, 32 companies of Aragonese origin stand out based on criteria such as business growth, results, ability to generate added value, employment, innovation and international projection according to El Economista. At Enerland, we highlight our exponential growth since 2019, despite the difficulties generated by the COVID19 crisis. From that date to the present, our workforce has increased from 27 employees to approximately one hundred in Spain. A figure that doubles if we look at the international scene. Similarly, paying attention to our international presence, our headquarters have gone from six to 11, also accessing a new continent: Africa.


What is CEPYME500 2021 edition?

According to its own website, CEPYME500 is an initiative carried out by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises. Through this initiative, the aim is to identify, select and promote a group made up of half a thousand Spanish companies that are leaders in aspects related to business growth. The main function of CEPYME500 is to grant national and international recognition and projection to the selected companies in order to promote and support them in their growth potential.