Enerland participates in the solidarity race organized by the “Cruz Roja Española” and “El Periódico de Aragón”

After the invasion of Ukraine, there is a conflict situation in the country and all help given is little. Collaboration is necessary to help the most vulnerable people to survive the difficult situation in which they are. For this reason, the “Cruz Roja Española” association with “El Periódico de Aragón” have organized a solidarity race to support Ukraine raising funds for humanitarian aid. From Enerland Group we wanted to contribute our grain of sand to this cause. For this reason, we have encouraged all our workers to participate in the solidarity race organized by the solidarity entity in Spain. Twenty-five were the workers who were participated to run the 5 kilometers of the route.


Enerland in the Solidarity Race in favor of Ukraine

In the company we love to participate in this type of sports events and we believe that it is the best way to promote a healthy lifestyle and the company’s values ​​in support of the different charitable causes. Last year, in the midst of a post-COVID situation, Enerland participated in its first solidarity race in favor of “El Banco de Alimentos”. Aid that was used to support the most vulnerable families after the crisis caused in our country by COVID19. Additionally, months later, another solidarity action was carried out in favor of the same institution. In addition, through these activities, relationships between colleagues are strengthened and the internal values ​​of our company are promoted. On this occasion, while some did it individually, others formed different teams. The ultimate goal, to support a cause such as helping refugees from the Ukraine conflict through an activity that fosters team spirit, competition, self-improvement and communication. We would like to make a special mention of our colleague Ignacio Nieto, an engineer from the project development department who ranked second in the absolute category ranking of the race.