Enerland participates in the VIII Solidarity Race organized by ATADES

From our headquarters in Saragossa, Enerland Group was participaed in VIII Solidarity Race organized by Atades to support the ATLAS 2030 pediatric exoskeleton. This exoskeleton is the first prototype in the world with same characteristics. With it, kids with special needs will improve problems as gait disturbance and/or some neuromuscular diseases that cause progressive global weakness. At “Espacio Atemtia”, ATADES will offer this service to helping in rehab of a variable pathologies and in this way, impriving kids life quality.

On this occasion, our colleagues were the representatives of the company in this race whose route took place in “El Parque Grande”. Surrounded by nature, the team ran in the different existing modalities: 1K, 5K or 6K. The most important thing is to help a cause as necessary as the development of the Exoskeleton in infants and enjoy the tour. In addition, this day also served to reinforce common values, improve interdepartmental communication and contribute to the personal and professional development of each of the colleagues. Congratulations to the participants!

Other solidarity races in where Enerland was participated

For some time, Enerland has been committed to the development of a healthy lifestyle among the company’s employees. In pre-pandemic, they participated in the annual business race organized in the city of Zaragoza and years later, the participation was repeated. However, after the COVID19 situation, the company is committed to promoting the internal values ​​of the company through the support of charitable causes whenever possible. There are already three solidarity races that the company has behind it. The first, in favor of the Food Bank; the second, in favor of the Red Cross to help the most vulnerable people affected by the invasion in Ukraine; the third, in favor of ATADES.