Enerland renews the award of the RSA Seal and obtains the RSA+, in the SME category.


Enerland renews its RSA Seal award and obtains the RSA+ awarded by the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento and Aragón Empresa. For the second year, the company has achieved this recognition and, for the first time, has obtained the plus category. The RSA (Aragonese Social Responsibility) seal recognises the company’s commitment to society and the environment, as well as other key aspects such as the work-life balance of our employees, the promotion of equality in our workforce, volunteering and social collaboration actions, the commitment to the SDGs and the promotion of culture in Aragon, where our headquarters in Spain are located. The RSA+ seal, on the other hand, seeks to encourage those organisations holding the previous seal to further develop key aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Specifically, it emphasises: -Conciliation of personal, family and working life, aligning itself with the guidelines promoted by the Directorate General for Equality and Family. Equality, applying the principles of non-discrimination and giving priority to the same opportunities for any person. -Volunteering and social action that promotes collaboration between companies and foundations, fostering the window to cooperation. -Dissemination of culture through involvement in the promotion of the environment. -Commitment to the SDGs for which Enerland is involved through the development of actions that help to achieve 16 of the 17 goals.  

Business Excellence Award in Aragon

In addition to the Aragon Social Responsibility seals, this year we have also been nominated as finalists to win the Business Excellence Award. This award is a recognition of the excellence of the organisations that form part of the autonomous community of Aragon. It pursues the following objectives: -To project and publicise the level of excellence of Aragonese organisations. -To be a tool for disseminating best business practices. -To support companies in improving their business management through knowledge and implementation of the EFQM Business Excellence Model, which helps organisations to establish a management system, measuring where they are on the road to excellence and analysing the opportunities for improvement that will help them to achieve it.