We launched the II Solidarity Campaign “For a future without hunger” in support of SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

On 16 October, we launched the 2nd solidarity campaign for “A future without hunger” in collaboration with the Zaragoza Food Bank. This campaign emerged last year, taking advantage of World Food Day, as the first initiative in support of SDG 2 of the United Nations Pact.

In Zaragoza, Spain, there are almost 12,000 Aragonese families who receive a social wage, but the organisations criticise the fact that there are many groups that are left out. In addition, with the rise in food prices, many organisations have seen how physical donations have been decreasing. While financial donations have increased, so has the number of people in need of help.

In May, the Zaragoza Food Bank experienced its worst period with 15% less food reserves. Among the foodstuffs that were most in short supply were: cocoa, rice, canned fish, baby food? Their goal is to receive around 500,000 kilos of food, a target they have so far failed to reach.

In the last edition, the participation of our colleagues at our headquarters in Zaragoza made the donation a great success. For this reason, this year we decided to continue the solidarity campaign for three weeks. During this time, more than 80kg of food and 560 ffp2 masks have been collected for delivery to our solidarity partner: The Food Bank of Zaragoza. We are sure that they will help many people in need.

Our goal is to repeat the campaign annually, thus reaffirming our commitment and awareness of the objectives to reduce inequalities and end the vulnerability of people in vulnerable situations in the Aragonese capital.

At Enerland, we continue to be committed to a better world, to a “future without hunger”.