The Enerland Group Spain photovoltaic project development department carries out on-site training.


At Enerland, we believe that our workers should be in a continuous training process. This plan provides the necessary tools for the optimal development of each task in which they are involved. A few days ago, we announced the formation of our Monticell team. Last week it was the turn of our project development department. For us, the excellence of executing a photovoltaic park is born in its initial phases. To achieve this, it is important to know first-hand the land where it will integrate the plants and to be aware of the possible adversities it can find in later phases. In this way, one of the critical stages resides in our engineering service. In it, our team meticulously studies the implantation land to ensure that the designed plans fit in with the existing reality on the ground. To be aware of this, the entire department team travelled to the construction of one of our largest current executions near our headquarters.


The visit


Once they arrived at the plant, they informed them of the risks and prevention measures of visiting the park—subsequently, a brief introduction to locating the main areas of the plant. Finally, through a tour of the different phases in which the plant is currently, our colleague Daniel Velázquez, project manager, was in charge of starting with the explanations on site. Phase by step, he explained some adversities they have had to face. Adverse weather conditions or logistical problems due to external causes are some of the issues they have to deal with every day during the construction of the plant. After his intervention, our colleague Daisy Rodríguez, responsible for the environment and sustainability area, was in charge of taking Daniel’s word. Taking advantage of the trips around the plant, he showed the rest of his colleagues the reality of the environmental plan. From there, he explained the importance of some measures, such as hunting fencing and its characteristics. They also took the opportunity to evaluate the positive impact of the sheepherding measure carried out a few months ago. Finally, it was the turn of the most veteran colleagues in the sector. They were in charge of transmitting to the youngest; some previous experiences lived in other photovoltaic parks or countries. Thanks to this initiative, the project development department experienced an enriching day full of knowledge and experience. After all, learning and listening to other people’s experiences makes us grow in knowledge and wisdom. Being aware of adversity will help us continue on our path of excellence.