Enerland Group participates in a Reforestation Plan in El Salvador hand in hand with MPC Capital.


Last week our client, MPC Capital, organized a reforestation day in El Salvador. The reforestation objective was to plant 2,000 trees of native species, including Leucaena, Madrecacao, Maquilishua, Pacún and San Andrés.

More than 150 people participated in the reforestation event in El Salvador. A dozen El Salvador colleagues and their families joined them voluntarily. Likewise, it invited 25 people from the different subcontractors we work with in the country. In addition, from Enerland, we collaborated with the organizers by providing a tent that allowed the participants to enjoy the shade throughout the event.

Finally, during the intense day, they planted a thousand species for which they will work on their conservation later. Through these initiatives, we collaborate to achieve a greener and more sustainable planet. Caring for the environment and nature should be everyone’s goal, regardless of our country. We congratulate our colleagues and their families for joining this green initiative. We also want to thank MPC Capital and MPC Energy Solutions for their invitation to participate in their reforestation plan.


Tree planting actions

A few weeks ago, our colleagues from the Enerland Group in Spain also participated in a similar event. Our workers and their families voluntarily participated in a fun tree planting event. Its objective was to support the commitment of EUC PLAZA and promote the development of green areas in the industrial estate. Thanks to these initiatives, more than 3,000 tons of CO2 are absorbed annually. In addition, they improve the aesthetic qualities of the environment since the plantations act as thermal regulators, among other benefits such as the retention of pollutants or the reduction of stress.