Enerland reinforces its commitment to sport by sponsoring two football teams in Sardinia, Italy.

For some time now, Enerland has been strengthening its commitment to sport through the development of different activities. Today we announce that, through the delegation in Italy, a sponsorship agreement has been reached for this season with two football clubs in Sardinia. The collaboration, both with the Macomer Club and with Borore 1967, focuses on the support of the teams in different categories. This action is part of the company’s commitment to the places where it implements its activity and both teams belong to one of the geographical areas where we currently have more megawatts in development projects. Enerland Group is committed to the generation of development and the creation of new opportunities for economic growth and employment in the areas where it implements its renewable energy projects at an international level. Furthermore, with this collaboration, we are once again contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Health and Wellbeing.


Enerland Group and sport

Sport and a healthy lifestyle are two commitments the organisation has been working towards for some time. In 2019, the company took part in a sports race for the first time. At present, and after the break due to the pandemic, we already have more than 5 races under our belts. Likewise, throughout last year, paddle tennis was incorporated as a new sport in the company and after the 1st internal tournament, our employees participated in two more tournaments externally.


Enerland in Italy

From 2019 to date, Enerland Italia has developed a portfolio of projects throughout the country. Particularly in Sardinia and Sicily, where it has been working for some time to gain the trust of owners and local communities. Currently, the delegation in the European country is positioned as one of the Spanish company’s main markets. Of the team of approximately 20 people, the project development area stands out. It currently has a portfolio of 1.6 GW spread throughout Italy.