Committed to the circular economy for a sustainable future


The increase in demand for raw materials and the scarcity of resources has led to a necessary change in awareness and habits. Waste prevention, reuse and a firm commitment to the development of renewable energies are necessary actions to curb the current production of emissions. At Enerland Group we are committed to the principles of the circular economy for a sustainable future. Aragon, through the General Directorate of Planning and Economic Development and other bodies such as the CEOE, has promoted the Circular Seal initiative with which we are aligned. The Aragón Circular Seal will act as a public recognition of companies, local administrations and entities in general of their commitment to the circular economy model. In addition, it will value the performance of good practices and actions to improve their circularity. For the awarding of the seal, the degree of implementation of the principles of the circular economy in business management is assessed. Its impact along the value chain and its contribution to achieving a sustainable economy in Aragon will also be taken into account. The objectives? To make it resource-efficient and competitive.


Committed to the circular economy

At Enerland, we are not only committed to the development of renewable energies. We are also committed to achieving a sustainable and environmentally friendly future through them. For this reason, in all our processes, we apply measures of respect, conservation and regeneration of the environment. Complementing our actions, we seek to create awareness within the organisation about the importance of: waste prevention, reuse and recycling. Through our activities, we try to have as little impact as possible on the planet. To this end, we implement plans that allow us to close the circle by committing to the circular economy.



During CONAMA 2022, we have already attended the first presentations of experts in this field. Recently, our colleagues from the marketing and communication department attended the conference: Circular Economy and Sustainability in Aragon. In it, convened by the CEOE, some good business practices carried out by different industries of the land were exposed. On the other hand, this week, our head of environment and sustainability was present at another event. On this occasion, it was the Award Ceremony of the Aragón Circular Stamps. This event showed once again the interest of Aragon and the business community in changing the current model for one based on circular economy and renewable sources.

Entrega sello circular Aragón