Enerland Group attends UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union) 10th Solar Forum, reference event for the national photovoltaic industry. This year, the forum, held on 4th-5th of October in Madrid, has celebrated its tenth anniversary breaking its attendance records.


During both days, over 1.200 professionals and more than 70 speakers attended the Solar Forum, among them were workers from numerous companies in the sector, politicians, and representatives from different institutions. The record number of attendants strengthened the idea that the photovoltaic industry has been established as a safe bet to achieve a decarbonized economy and a better future in terms of energy.

In addition to celebrating the improvements and development of the industry, the Forum drew the attention to the main challenges left to achieve in the sector activity. By doing this, it is expected that social participation, circular economy, self-consumption and local communities will be next year’s Solar Forum main topics of discussion.


Our experience in the 10th Solar Forum


On behalf of Enerland Group, our CEO, Manuel Balet, as well as part of our Development Department attended the event. Daisy Rodríguez, Environmental Manager, has highlighted the work done by the speakers: “They reviewed the good situation of the renewable sector, but they also spoke about the obstacles faced by developers, investors, and suppliers, as well as the long administrative procedures, the lack of planning for the next auctions that slows down the development of new projects and the uncertainty in financial models”.

As we have already discussed, the photovoltaic sector is constantly evolving. For that same reason, every single professional in the field has to continuously train and learn. Enerland Group understands how valuable this learning experience is, also obtained through events such as the Solar Forum, that allow us to optimize our work.