Last week the Enerland Group attended Genera 2022. The event took place from June 14th to 16th, at the IFEMA Fairgrounds, in Madrid.


Last week the Enerland Group attended Genera 2022. This year the event took place from June 14 to 16, at the IFEMA Fairgrounds in Madrid. In total there were 256 companies, including 59 foreigners, which attended the event in person. In addition, more than 20,000 visitors attended to obtain a joint vision of all the existing offer in the renewable energy market. As representatives of Enerland and Monticell, our colleagues Mario Baz and Ismael Melús, commercial director and IT manager respectively, attended. “Genera ’22 has shown the strength that exists in the Spanish distributed generation market, currently being one of the main European markets. We have had the opportunity to meet with different partners that help us to be one of the solutions providers EPC, PPA and exploitation of reference photovoltaic cover for industrial and commercial self-consumption“. These meetings not only help us drive the transition towards cleaner and more efficient energy. They also allow us to decarbonise the economy and speed up the incorporation of renewable energies into the electrical system by modernizing interconnections.



About the Genera Fair ’22

GENERA is aimed at a wide group of consulting, engineering, construction and commercial professionals. Through this meeting, business relationships with current and potential suppliers can be strengthened. In addition to the commercial exhibition, a complete program of technical conferences and round tables will be developed. These will have as axes the active incorporation of new actors; local energy communities; the rural area; new regulations applied to the sector; the importance of energy saving and efficiency; the need to communicate better, and the country’s leadership in the field of renewable energies, talent in the sector, quality in processes and advances in technology. Together with the Live Connect platform, it allows the sector to be interconnected 365 days a year.