On June 2 Enerland participated in the Hispano-Tunisian Conference as a sponsor. The key theme of the event revolved around investment possibilities in the North African country.


The Spanish-Tunisian Conference was organized by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, the Hispanic Tunisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTECI) and other organizations with the aim of improving the visibility of the country as a place to invest. Tunisia is in a privileged geographical location. Located between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, this territory is a really attractive place for the development of different businesses. During the conference’s speech, which lasted approximately two hours, special attention was paid to the potential for the development of renewable energies.


Enerland in Tunisia

Enerland had the pleasure of sponsoring the Hispanic-Tunisian conference and it is because we have been developing our activity in the country for more than two years. It was in January 2020 when we achieved the award by the Tunisian Ministry of Energy of the Sidi Bouzid Solar Project. This project, which is in a state of development, will have an area of ​​20 hectares of land. Construction is expected to begin early next year. For its execution, more than 22,600 photovoltaic modules will be installed and it is expected that it will generate a power of 10 MWp. Following our international expansion plan, this solar park will become our first execution carried out on the African continent. In addition, we expect to continue increasing our presence in the country through the development and construction of new photovoltaic projects. The North African region is in full expansion and Tunisia is a good example of this. The exponential growth of the industrial and construction sectors in recent years, together with the demographic increase, has caused a considerable positive surge in energy demand.