September 26th is the World Environmental Health Day, dedicated to raise awareness of the impact that different factors can have on the environment.


Therefore, the term “environmental health” is referred to the study, prevention, and control of any kind of waste that might have an impact on the health of any living creature. When it comes to our work as Enerland Group, during the whole process of construction of the photovoltaic plants there are residues that we must administrate so that we can take care of said health. Here is a breakdown of them to commemorate the World Environmental Health Day.

Waste management involves non-hazardous materials such as wood, plastic, iron, paper… but also hazardous residues, ranging from oils and contaminated soil to sprays. For this reason, an efficient management through an authorized provider is essential to each project, minimizing possible impacts on the environment.

The study and attention to all of these factors are some of the tasks carried out by our Environmental department. Quoting our construction site environmental coordinator, Samuel Rodrigo: “Every single person as well as the outsources that intervene in the construction of a photovoltaic plant must be aware of the environment and be accountable for their own waste”.

Técnico de obra limpiando el perímetro del parque


Waste management in Enerland Group


At the construction site, the procedure in terms of environmental care is the following: first of all, a storage area is installed for non-hazardous waste, identified and delimited. Here the residues have to be equally identified. An authorized provider takes care of storage containers. Subsequently, the provider takes them away and sends them to their final destinations: recycling, a landfill…

Gestion de residuos

Another area is delimited exclusively for hazardous waste, accessible for the vehicles that collect said residues. These are packaged in containers (barrels, big bags), labeled, and must stay closed in vertical position to avoid any leaks. The transportation of residues inside the construction site, from where they are generated to the storage area is done taking every necessary precaution.

In conclussion, sharing the words of our Environmental team: “With the purpose of being as environment-friendly as possible, this motto is key: Everyone is accountable for the waste they generate”. Both inside and outside our worksite, environmental health is about everyone.

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