We attended Conama ’22, the largest environmental meeting held for 30 years in Spain.


We attended Conama ’22, the National Environmental Congress, held in Madrid. Our colleagues Daisy Rodriguez and Javier Franco, head and technician of the environmental department respectively, and Pilar Asta, head of the marketing and communication department, took us to the congress to find out about the next ambitions in environmental matters.

Although the congress programme was extensive and revolved around 9 different thematic axes, our colleagues attended those presentations related to renewable energy, rural development, environmental quality and economy.

During the different sessions, they drew conclusions that will help us to continue promoting our model of environmentally friendly renewable energy. They also had the opportunity to listen to experiences and concerns from other sectors such as agriculture. Innovations in the sector or in complementary sectors and future urban and social perspectives were other key topics discussed. The latter included: a transition towards an economy based on circularity and cities as centres of energy generation. On the other hand, there was a clear need to change or create new laws to promote and encourage all developments towards a sustainable model.

“From the congress we took away many ideas to apply both in our projects and in the day-to-day running of the company. Without local actions, it is impossible to commit to sustainability and implement it at a global level. I am sure that, from Enerland, we will continue working towards a renewable model that is completely respectful of the environment and society” – Pilar Asta Marteles, head of the marketing and communication department of Enerland Group.

Overall, Conama ’22 was a great success. It was attended by more than 1,200 specialists in different environmental areas, more than 500 speakers and 380 organisations from all over the country. Among the most notable attendees was the Minister for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.

We hope to see you again at the next edition.