We publish the progress of the III phase of the construction of the PFV Pitarco. In this last stage, the progress in the assembly of photovoltaic modules stands out.


We present Phase III of the PFV Pitarco. On previous occasions, we have been showing the progress in the construction of the photovoltaic park located in Muel, Zaragoza. Several months ago we showed the different tasks carried out to prepare the land. Subsequently, we were able to visualise how the structures were being driven. Finally, in this last period, we can see the last tasks that have been developed for the completion of the park.


We leave you with the images:


Phase III of the VWP Pitarco project construction phase


During this third phase of the construction of PFV Pitarco, we can observe the great progress made during the last few weeks in the assembly of the modules. In a few days, the park will be finished and ready to start producing renewable photovoltaic energy that will be injected into the grid. In this third video, we can see not only the great progress in the assembly, but also the unloading and installation of the energy transformation centres, the inverters and the wiring work. On previous occasions, we have already been able to observe the first tasks of ground preparation as well as the phases of driving and assembly of structures.ENERLAND_Pitarco3_V2 MIN.