Visit to the San Mateo Photovoltaic Park during its construction.

Last Friday, our colleagues from the Department of Marketing and Communication traveled to San Mateo de Gállego, province of Zaragoza. There, together with Pedro Espinosa, responsible for the project, they visited the 1MW San Mateo Photovoltaic Park. For this solar project, Enerland Group not only offers its Full EPC service but, previously, it was also in charge of carrying out its development in full. Since the beginning of its construction, at the beginning of April, the PF San Mateo has evolved rapidly. Currently, all the phases have been carried out up to the installation of the structures on which the assembly activities of the solar modules will soon begin. “After its commissioning, this small solar plant will connect 1,688 MWh per year to the electricity grid, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 410 homes. In addition, it will contribute to the objectives of sustainability and environmental conservation, avoiding the annual emission of 577 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere”, Pedro Espinosa, Project Manager of the San Mateo Photovoltaic Park.


Full EPC service

For this project, as previously mentioned, we have worked comprehensively and internally on all its development activities. Once the project reached the “Ready to Built” status, from Enerland Group we began to execute the Full EPC service for our client. Through this complete “turnkey” service, we take care of all the necessary steps until the plant begins to produce renewable energy. For more than a decade, our experience in the photovoltaic sector has made us specialists in this type of service. We work both large-scale projects and those like this one, of small dimensions to adapt to the needs of all our clients. Through this modality we build both our own developments and those of our clients, always providing excellence in each of the projects.