Enerland participates in the Tree Day, an event organized by PLAZA

Enerland Group participates in the Tree Day event organized by EUC PLAZA in Zaragoza, Spain. The organizers of the event, firm with their commitment to promote the improvement of the environment, made this proposal: the day of the tree. Through it, they urged the workers of the different companies located in the Plaza Industrial Park and their families to participate in a collective tree planting. Having a good time, enjoying the good weather and nature in company were the objectives of this initiative in which some of our colleagues participated with their children.


The Tree Day

In the first place, the organization made a simple explanation with the instructions on how to carry out the plantation as well as on the species that would be planted. Subsequently, through different shifts, the families were ordered to develop the activity. Once they were given the tools, trees and protectors, they proceeded to plant. Finally, the operators of the organization proceeded to check that everything was correct. The event was a complete success. From Enerland, we support these initiatives that seek to improve the environment in which we find ourselves as well as those that promote the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment. Let’s work for a better and more sustainable future!


Environmental commitment

The PLAZA logistics and industrial platform, where the Enerland Group headquarters is located, currently has large green spaces. It currently has 645,000 m2 where, specifically, there are 23,000 trees, 12,000 bushes and 315,000 m2 of green areas. It should be noted that, with their development, these plantations absorb more than 3,000 tons of CO2 per year and serve as a refuge for fauna. In addition, they improve the aesthetic qualities of the environment and act as thermal regulators, among other benefits such as the retention of pollutants or the reduction of stress.