Enerland sponsors El Periódico de Aragón’s Rainbow Run solidarity race and encourages all its workers to participate in it.


Since the pandemic and the COVID19 crisis began, help is increasingly needed. The crisis has caused thousands of people to lose their sources of income. In addition, the number of vulnerable families has increased considerably. Many of them have to survive thanks to donations from social entities. During 2020, the Banco de Alimentos de Zaragoza, the city of our headquarters, has increased its daily distribution of tons of food. For this reason, this year, El newspaper de Aragón has committed itself to the cause. For this reason, it has organized the Rainbow Run solidarity race.

This initiative is added as an opportunity to reach out to all those who need to receive food. Action that helps the Food Bank in its social work. On the other hand, the race is a supportive sporting challenge for all its participants, as well as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle. An important work that, from Enerland, we want to highlight.

 Rainbow Run solidarity race

Our participation

Signing our commitment to society, we wanted to be part of this great initiative. So much so that we have not only settled for participating by supporting the event through their sponsorship, but we have also invited all our workers to participate in the race. Through an internal challenge, race teams were created to develop strategies and positive competitiveness. The objective: to achieve the shortest time by adding the individual minutes of each member of the group.

Our concern for the health of our workers is a priority. For this reason, once the dynamics were organized, everyone participated in the race individually. Thus we ensure our own safety against possible infections. The event was a success. With more than thirty runners! The group of engineers from the Project Development department got the most time Quick. This team showed us that they have a great rapport. Whether in or out of the office.

Congratulations winners! We appreciate your effort and dedication. Thank you for giving the best of yourselves at all times. And since every effort has its reward… we hope you enjoy your reward!