Together we work for a sustainable future. We present our new environment department.


Our concern for the preservation of the planet is real. For this reason, we have decided to increase our staff. Introducing our new environment department!

There is currently great debate about renewable energy production. While it is true that photovoltaic plants have great advantages over other energy facilities, they are not free from generating environmental impacts. For years, some facilities have been developed regardless of the environment in which they were located. The park constructions did not take into account environmental or landscape problems.

We are truly committed to sustainability and developing the energy transition towards a renewable-led model.


What do we take into account

For us it is of vital importance in the design phase of projects. Correctly analyzing the plots helps us to avoid a negative impact on the environment.

To evaluate the areas where the solar parks will be installed, a series of factors are taken into account. Among them, biodiversity, fauna, flora and protected areas will be studied. The types of plot or possible stocks of cultural and natural heritage, too. Taking into account both the present and the future, it is possible to minimize possible damage.

We believe that the development of photovoltaics should be carried out organically. Our priority is that the parks are respectful. For this reason, our new department is made up of professionals. His specialization: geography, cartography, biodiversity, natural heritage and environmental risks. They will work together with the engineers from the Project Development department choosing the best locations.

Having our own team, dedicated exclusively to this area, allows us to evaluate each of the locations in detail. We have a clear bet. We want sustainability and respect for the environment to be the central axis of our projects.

Welcome to the team!