22 MW PFV Soure construction starts. This new photovoltaic park is  our first operation in Portugal.


This is our announcement for the start of construction of PFV Soure in Portugal. Back in 2019, this project was conferred to us through an auction. During this whole time, our team in Enerland Portugal has been working on every stage for the integral development of the project. It was in 2022 when PFV Soure achieved the status “RTB” and then, a few months later, the earthworks began. After that, the structure driving also started. The photovoltaic park Soure will have a 22 MW output. The estimation is that the setting up will be completed by the end of 2023, when it will start producing 35.150 MWh/year. This renewable power generation will be destined to the main grid, and will prevent athmospheric emissions equivalent to 12.865 tons of CO2 per year.


construcción de PFV Soure

Enerland Portugal


Last year, by the end of June, PV capacity accumulated in Portugal rose to 2,19 GW. Nowadays, photovoltaic is the technology with the biggest growth in terms of installed capacity, rising from 299 MW in 2013 to 2192 MW in 2022, up 633%. According to data from APREN (Portuguese Renewable Energy  Association), solar power generation got to its highest point in July, corresponding to a 9% of the total electric power suply in Portugal. Moreover, the country also broke its previous records in both June and May, when solar power represented 8,6% and 8,2% of the total generation, respectively. Enerland Group started its production in Portugal in 2019. It was then when the Spanish multinational opened its first office in the capital of this country. Ever since then, the team has grown exponentially. In parallel to PFV Soure, this team works on the development of another 13,5 MWp, as well as in various constructions simultaneously, placed in the centre and south of the country.


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