We celebrated the II Enerland Paddle Tournament. The event gathered employees from different departments, who proved their skills and a great team work on the court.

  The long-awaited II Enerland Paddle Tournament took place in an atmosphere filled with energy, competitiveness and companionship. Our company has always encouraged employees to participate in these events, in which fun and a competitive edge help to create bonds among the different departments. This event, just like the one from last year, consisted in the gathering of different people from our central offices in Enerland Spain. In this edition we also counted with the participation from some Italian colleagues. Through partnering between couples with the same skill level, a group stage was organized so that everyone could play against the rest.  

The tournament

  Our workers from headquarters in both Zaragoza and Madrid, as well as some fellows from Italy, met on the 20th May in the Club de Pádel Zaragoza facilities. There, participants that took part of the tournament played several matches for more than 2 hours. With 30 players, the level of the competition was exceptional, with close games and spectacular moves. Both passion and sportsmanship were present in every match, creating a respectful and friendly atmosphere among colleagues. After the second phase of the tournament was finished, the team consisting of Víctor Ruiz and Samuel Rodrigo, from the wind energy department and the environmental department, took the first place in Gold category. Meanwhile, Juan Lázaro, from the development team, along with Ángel Guerrero, from EPC, were the winners in Silver category. Companionship, effort and competitiveness are values that were worked out during this sports day that concluded with a celebratory barbecue. Once again, the Enerland&Monticell team proved that with team work and collaborative effort can achieve every single goal. Congratulations to all of the players for making this a succesful day! And of course, congratulations are in order to the winners as well.