Enerland Group attends the Awards for Business Excellence in Aragón 2023 to receive the Bronze Seal, after being finalists at the 2022 edition.

Last Wednesday, November 8th, the Awards for Business Excellence in Aragón 2023 took place at the Conference Centre in Zaragoza. This prestigious acknowledgement was created by Aragón Development Institute back in 1996, its goal being to add value and promote the best practices of the businesses in Aragón, as well as supporting them in their continuous growth. In this 27th edition, EIGO Gestión de Obras, Magaiz y Valentia have won in their respective categories. Manuel Balet, Enerland Group CEO, received the Bronze Seal, an acknowledgement given to last year’s finalists that works as a motivating factor to increase our efforts every year and achieve new goals and objectives.

Tha gala: presentations and awards ceremony

“AI is here to stay” was the most repeated sentence throughout the whole forum. Different CEOs and executives of big companies such as Hiberus, Libelium, or Telefónica shared their experiences related to their application of this technology inside their organizations. Afterwards, the Aragón Excellence Awards ceremony began, with the categories: large firms, SMEs and non-profit organizations. The event was opened by Daniel Rey, Managing Director of Aragón Development Institute, along with Mar Vaquero, Second Vicepresident of the Government of Aragón and Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry. Lastly, Mago More (José Luis Izquierdo), comedian and special guest for the closing segment of the event, gave a lecture called “El poder positivo del cambio”.

Premios a la Excelencia 2023

Manuel Balet, alongside Alejandro Rey, Quality Manager, Mario Baz, Sales Manager, and some of our Country Managers, attended the event on behalf of Enerland Group.