Enerland Group celebrates the day of love and friendship in Colombia.


The day of love and friendship in Colombia was held during September 17-18. On that date, It was organized hand in hand by our colleague Hernando Restrepo as a corporate event. The main goal: is for all the teammates from Bogotá to enjoy a day of leisure together. For this day’s celebration, he prepared a surprise at the event. It consisted of a small Lego workshop through which all workers would have the opportunity to participate in the assembly of a small photovoltaic plant. First, the main components of a solar park were analyzed and studied. In this phase, the more technical colleagues took the opportunity to explain the peculiarities of each job. Subsequently, once they had identified the elements, they assembled the completely customized small models. Thanks to this activity, the team worked together. In addition, those employees whose daily activities are far from the construction of the parks, because they are more administrative in nature, will be able to understand and get closer to the more technical part of our business.



At Enerland Group, we are committed to creating synergies of great value between the teams. Hand in hand with this type of initiative, we get colleagues to spend leisure time and training together. Thanks to this, our teams create great personal relationships that translate into efficient teamwork. Trust, respect, and camaraderie are three central values ​​we promote through this activity. From here, we want all the participants in the event to enjoy the workshop. We also want to congratulate Colombia’s colleague and commercial director for the initiative and the organization. Congratulations!! We leave you with some photos of the event:

Enerland Group Colombia, día amor y amistad