Long-term employees and young talents of the company gathered once again to play the 2nd Enerland Football Match, held on October 27th.


Last month, in the evening of October 27th, Enerland employees played the second corporative football match, held by the company in Soccer World. The players were competitive and full of energy throughout the whole event, that gathered workers from different departments and offices of Zaragoza and Madrid. The game was close and packed with great plays from both teams, that mixed personnel from different areas such as administration, prevention, development engineers, self consumption photovoltaic engineers, construction, and the environmental department.

After the match, both teams relaxed for a while and had dinner together alongside some other Enerland Group colleagues that had previously joined to cheer for the players. Almosty 30 people participated in the 2nd Enerland Football Match, between players and spectators.

Equipo Enerland Group


Enerland Group and its commitment to sports


The company is commited to promote sports activities for the benefits and values that they have to offer inside and out of the business, aligning with the 3rd SDG, Good Health and Well-being. Effort, improvement, and courage to face challenges are characteristics that define members of team Enerland. The most recent case has been Carmen Asensio, from the administration department. On November 12th, she completed the 58th Behobia – San Sebastián. The popular race, 20 km, has counted with over 25.000 participants this year.

As Enerland Group, we take great pride in having employees as them wearing the colours of the company. Until next challenge!