We started the new solar installation at Cooperativa Virgen de la Oliva. This small photovoltaic park located in Ejea de los Caballeros, Spain will use its energy production for self-consumption.


At the Cooperativa Virgen de la Oliva located in the province of Zaragoza, Spain, the execution of the new solar installation will begin. This small plant will generate a power of 999.18 kwh that will be used for energy self-sufficiency without surpluses from the cooperative.

To carry out this photovoltaic self-consumption project, an agreement has been signed under the EPC mode or “turnkey” service. Through this agreement, Enerland is responsible for carrying out the execution and construction project. He will also take charge of the construction management and facultative management.


The solar project of the Cooperativa Virgen de la Oliva

This photovoltaic park will be located in the town of Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza. The extension of the rustic land, attached to the facilities of the cooperative, will be approximately 90m2.

Taking into account the technical data, for the execution of this project, 2,700 Longi photovoltaic modules will be installed. The structure chosen for the construction of this facility will be fixed and with an inclination of 35º. In addition, the solar plant will also have the installation of 8 inverters. It should be noted that the energy production generated by “Virgen de la Oliva” will be used for self-consumption without surpluses.

Finally, after this installation, there will be three our photovoltaic energy self-consumption parks made.


A great solution

At present, due to the nature of their activity, industries from different sectors see their costs increased. This is due to the variation in the price of electricity. The need to keep the plants in continuous operation does not allow savings in consumption. However, solar parks that use their production for energy self-consumption, become a great solution. Thanks to them, owners can control their consumption, reduce their spending on electricity bills and reduce their negative environmental impact. However, not all industries have adjoining land that allows them to incorporate this type of photovoltaic installations. For these cases, there is an alternative solution: Installations on deck.

Instalación solar Virgen de la Oliva