The new Climate Change law has already entered into force in Spain. Its objective: to support the development of renewable energies in our country.


Recently, the national newspaper “El Español” organized a meeting to talk about photovoltaic energy. At the event, they reflected on the new climate change law in Spain and the possible solutions to achieve the objectives proposed by the government. They also talked about the CO2 footprint left by photovoltaic energy from its production to its subsequent recycling.

This new law will bring with it ambitious but necessary objectives. With the promotion of renewables, and specifically photovoltaics, the aim is to generate the clean energy necessary to cover the emissions of the most polluting industries. Thus, it is expected to counteract the greenhouse effect. Furthermore, in less than a decade, Spain wants to become a leading country in terms of sustainability.


Know the objectives

By 2030, the Government has proposed to reduce the emission of polluting gases by at least 20% compared to 1990 levels. In the same way, it is intended that green energies suppose 35% in final energy consumption. Considering the electrical system, it is expected that 70% will be from renewable sources. Finally, energy efficiency will be improved by reducing primary energy consumption by at least 35%.

With a long-term focus, by the year 2050, our country should have achieved climate neutrality. The objective: to comply with the internationally assumed commitments. By then, the electrical system must be exclusively based on renewable generation sources.

The new measures will not only reduce the environmental impact on the planet, they will also help reduce administrative processes. New technologies will provide the extra value necessary to optimize power generation systems. The future is promising and we hope that these objectives will be advanced. Soon we will achieve a sustainable lifestyle!


In Enerland

We are fully aware of both national and international development goals. We are committed to the renewable energy transition . This is one of the reasons why we decided to integrate within our team a specific department dedicated to the environmental area.

In this department, our colleagues work studying the impact of all our parks on the environment. For us, it is important not only to produce electricity but also to seek full balance during its generation.

Photovoltaic energy is the future and thanks to it, our solar installations have already avoided the emission of more than 336,818 tons of CO2 since 2007. Figures that we are proud to share and that we hope to improve year after year.

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