We publish the advances of the II Phase of the Pitarco PFV: driving of structures.


It has been several months since we began constructing the Pitarco Photovoltaic Park in Muel. After a time invested in its planning and development, it was in May when we showed you the first images of the progress of the initial phases of its construction. However, although it is true that during the successive visits that have taken place in Pitarco, we have been able to show some progress, today we present the II Phase of the Pitarco PFV.


The second phase of construction of the project


During this second phase of the construction of PFV Pitarco, we can see how in some areas of the future photovoltaic solar plant, the piling and assembly of the structures have already begun. In a few weeks, we will be able to start seeing the first photovoltaic modules installed on these same structures. Through this second video, we value our entire team and the people who are part of it. At Enerland Group, we believe that good teamwork creates balance and success in each project. For this reason, promoting the simultaneity of different tasks and teams materializes, in the form of results, every time we meet a new milestone in the established schedule. The Pitarco Photovoltaic Park is located on an extension of the land of more than 100 hectares, adjacent to the Pitarco Industrial Estate, in the Muel City Hall, Zaragoza. In addition, this solar plant will connect a capacity of 62 MWp to the grid and will be Enerland’s largest execution in the Iberian Peninsula.