We show you the advances of the I Phase of the PFV Pitarco: conditioning and mobilization of land.


A few months ago we announced the start of work on our new execution in the community of Aragón. Today, we show you the progress of the first works carried out in the construction of the I Phase of the Pitarco PFV, located in Muel.


The importance of land conditioning


During this initial phase, the conditioning and earthworks of the more than 100 hectares that this solar plant will have have been carried out. For us, it is really relevant to take into account the territory where we locate our solar plants. Carrying out detailed environmental studies on the environment and the elements that make it up is vital in order not to negatively affect it. For this reason, we pay special attention to archeology and topography prior to carrying out the conditioning and earthworks work. Thanks to them, we ensure our minimum impact on the environment. Additionally, in the video, you can also see the hunting fence that has been placed around the entire perimeter of the solar park. This type of fencing has as its main characteristic the opening of a large lower hole and a long distance between the posts. Thanks to both measures, the protection of the territory is allowed without interfering with the free movement of wildlife in the area. Soon, phase II will begin through which the driving begins to subsequently install the structures on which the photovoltaic modules will be placed. During this second phase, the results of the good work undertaken in the stage shown below will begin to be seen. Pitarco, with a capacity of 62 MWp, once its construction is completed, will generate an average annual energy of 122,603 ​​MWh, creating great value for our territory in terms of sustainability. We leave you with the video through the link.