Enerland Group completes 100 MWp in photovoltaic projects in Colombia. The company has constructed a total of seven solar plants throughout the country since it established itself in the region.


Enerland Group, Spanish multinational based in Zaragoza (Spain), has completed the construction of 5 solar power plants in Colombia in 2023. These have been carried out through its “Turnkey” service for different clients in the region. In total with these projects, the company will commission more than 100 MWp of renewable energy to inject into the country’s electricity grid.

From the beginning, the aim has been the achievement of a sustainable future, both environmentally and socially conscious. For this reason, Enerland Group has implemented a number of good practices in every country where it actively operates. These have been carried out during the construction works for every project. Among them, the following could be highlighted:

  • Planting of native trees and fruit trees from the influence area.
  • Creation of direct and indirect local employments.
  • Donation to the communities of waste generated during the construction works for its reuse.

Enerland in America

Enerland Group, present in more than ten countries over the world, has been conducting its activities in Central and South America since 2012, in countries such as El Salvador, México, Costa Rica, and Colombia. It has a portfolio of more than 500 MW in completed photovoltaic projects, most of which it maintains under its operation and maintenance service. In addition, in recent years, the company has been expanding its presence throughout America, where it is already active in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.