On December 20, Aragón Empresa, the Aragonese Development Institute program, held its annual event for Corporate Social Responsibility in Aragón 2023, where Enerland received the 2024 RSA Seal.


Last Wednesday, on December 20, the Mozart Hall of the Zaragoza Auditorium hosted the annual event for Corporate Social Responsibility in Aragón 2023. This event gathered freelancers, SMEs, large companies and non-profit organizations for a ceremony that celebrated good practices and commitment to the SDG by Aragonese entities. Enerland Group attended this meeting to receive the 2024 RSA Seal renewal. This recognition is granted each year to companies for their work on Corporate Social Responsability.

The workshop included a conference by Ana María López de San Román, Director of Ethics, Sustainability and Alliances at ILUNION. Iber Sostenibilidad y Desarrollo received the SDG Award. This year, ASPANOA, Marisol Morell, Eboca, y Sphere Group Spain also won the RSA Awards in different categories. As Enerland Group, we would like to congratulate the winners for their proposals, great initiatives and good example.

Messages about the relevance of entities that listen, or the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals to complete the objectives were highlighted along the ceremony. There are already 2.266 companies in the Community that participate in the RSA Plan to achieve these commitments.

Jornada RSA 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility in Enerland Group


We work in each of our projects with the goal of achieving a responsible future, both in terms of renewable energy and making an impact on society. We understand the importance of our activity and we continue to strive year after year to ensure that our growth is sustainable and consistent. One way to measure and evaluate this progress is through the RSA Seal, which Enerland has obtained for the third consecutive year.