Central America, an emerging market for photovoltaics.


Enerland expands throughout Central America . Thanks to the award of several solar projects, the company enters a new emerging market for the development of energy infrastructures. We entered El Salvador.

Through participation in tenders, the total of the projects awarded to Enerland in this country is 5.75 MWp.


Energy transition in El Salvador

El Salvador has some problems from the energy point of view. On the one hand, it has a demand for energy with high dependence on oil derivatives for electricity generation and transportation. On the other hand, the orography of the territory means that there is a high level of isolation in certain areas of the country. As a consequence, there are great difficulties in expanding the electrical distribution network. Furthermore, in many areas, such expansion is neither economically nor financially viable.

These reasons make El Salvador become an emerging market for the development of photovoltaics. Among the government’s long-term goals, there is a plan to improve electricity infrastructures. Thanks to a coalition with the private sector, it seeks to achieve greater efficiency in the distribution sector. As an additional element, it is also expected that energy control will be improved thanks to the implementation of more modern technologies.


The Inter-American Development Bank

The IDB is the main source of multilateral support for the countries of the northern triangle of Central America. Currently, it has a portfolio of 2,184 million dollars for investment in more than 51 projects in different sectors. Among them, we highlight energy, urban development and modernization of the State.

Through the awarding of PPA projects, the Salvadoran Government seeks to renew the country’s electrical infrastructures by betting on a mix of photovoltaic and wind energy.