Enerland shelters a flock of 400 sheep during the construction of the Pitarco Photovoltaic Park, in Muel, in the province of Zaragoza.


From the action plan for the preservation of the environment, an agreement was reached with a local rancher, the use of the land of the photovoltaic park for the grazing of his sheep during the construction phase. In this way, they are allowed to feed on the existing vegetation before the adaptation of the land for the installation of the structures. In recent years, sheep grazing has been promoted during the operating phase of photovoltaic parks. This natural practice is used to manage the vegetation inside the solar plants, avoiding the use of herbicides or other substances that could lead to soil and water contamination. In addition, as an additional complement, the soil remains fertilized during the period of exploitation of the plant thanks to its regular fertilizer. Once this ends its useful life, the land is kept in optimal conditions for cultivation. In this case, Enerland has extended the value chain throughout all phases of the land. Thanks to this initiative, the farmer grazes his flock, made up of 400 sheep, on the surfaces of the future establishment. To take care of animal welfare, they have coordinated at all times during the progress of the work, thus making both activities compatible. Finally, an agreement was made with the rancher himself and the owners of the plots to guarantee that the grazing tasks are carried out twice a year. In this way, the benefit is mutual, sustainable and ecological.


About the PV Park Pitarco 

Located on an extension of land of more than 100 hectares, adjacent to the Pitarco Industrial Estate, in the municipality of Muel, Zaragoza, this solar plant will connect a power of 62 MWp to the grid. It will be the largest execution of Enerland in the Iberian Peninsula. The Pitarco solar park will produce approximately an average annual energy of 122,603 ​​MWh. This renewable energy is equivalent to the electricity needed for the consumption of more than 29,679 Spanish homes.