Enerland is awarded the RSA 2022 Seal, in the SME category, issued by the Government of Aragon, the Aragon Institute of Development, CEOE Aragón, CEPYME Aragón, Aragón Empresa Program and CCOO to self-employed, companies and committed entities.


What does it consist of the RSA Award?

The RSA (Aragonese Social Responsibility) seal recognizes the company’s commitment to society and the environment, as well as to other key aspects such as work and family conciliation of our employees, the promotion of equality in our workforce, volunteer actions and social collaboration, commitment to the SDGs and the promotion of culture in Aragon, where our headquarters are located in Spain. To obtain the Aragón Social Responsibility Plan (RSA) seal, the Government of Aragón, together with CEOE Aragón, Cepyme Aragón, UGT Aragón and CC.OO Aragón signed in 2015 the launch of this initiative in order to promote the Corporate Social Responsibility in public or private organizations of the Autonomous Community of Aragon, so that they implement and apply socially responsible practices.


What processes have been carried out

Obtaining this seal was made up of several phases. The first, once registered, a Specialized Training day was given, in which the Principles of Social Responsibility were made known. Later, online, the corresponding forms were completed. Declarations of commitment were also signed and the report on Social Responsibility of commitment was delivered. All this information is analyzed by the Aragón Social Responsibility Board. This table is made up of the Confederation of Employers of Aragon, the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises of ARAGON, ARAGON Workers Commissions, ARAGON General Union of Workers and the Government of Aragon. All through the Aragonese Development Institute. At Enerland Group we have it clear. We want to be a benchmark in the photovoltaic energy sector and we want to do it well. We continue to paddle towards a more sustainable and responsible future with an eye on environmental conservation, equality and development.

RSA Award