Through our headquarters in the Portuguese country, we announce that the new photovoltaic projects in Portugal are already in the development phase.


A few days ago we were talking about our new photovoltaic projects in Portugal. Through participation in a public tender , we achieve the world record in terms of € / MWh offered. This led us to win the execution of new photovoltaic projects in Portugal. Previously, our Enerland Portugal headquarters had already won another tender. In this case for the execution of a project in 2019. So we are delighted to carry out new photovoltaic projects in the country.

The contracts for both photovoltaic parks were signed under the CfD * or Contract for Difference modality.

The first project developed will connect a power of 19MWp to the electricity grid. Similarly, it will produce an average annual energy of 35,150 MWh. This is equivalent to the energy required to supply electricity to approximately 11,700 homes. By the end of 2022, the execution of this first photovoltaic park is expected to be completed.

Looking at the second project, it is slightly smaller. In this case, it will generate a power of 13MWp.


Why Portugal

Portugal is one of the European countries with the greatest potential in terms of renewable energy generation. Specifically, due to its geographical position, it stands out in terms of photovoltaic power generation. Like other southern European countries, it receives great solar radiation throughout the year. This allows the development of this type of energy not only to favor the conservation of the planet. It also facilitates access to electricity and makes it possible to cope with the increase in energy demand.

On the other hand, the power generation of this project will avoid the emission of more than 12,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. In this way, on the one hand, the negative impact on the planet will be reduced while on the other, it will promote the achievement of the objectives established for 2030 by the UN.

* CFD refers to Contracts for Difference. In this type of contract, buyer and seller stipulate a price for renewable energy. Subsequently, the differences are adjusted with the real price in the wholesale market.