The construction of our new photovoltaic park in Spain begins. Located in Torremocha, Cáceres, this new solar plant will connect a power of 9,782.08 kWp to the current.


Today begins the construction of our new photovoltaic park in Spain. La Pizarra, will become our first execution of a solar park in Extremadura. Located on an area of ​​approximately 20 hectares, in the town of Torremocha, Cáceres, this solar plant will connect a power of 9,782.08 kWp to the grid.

On this occasion, an EPC ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction ) contract has been signed. Through this type of agreement, we offer our clients the Turnkey service for the integral execution of the project. In this way, Enerland is responsible for all the activities and procedures necessary for the start-up of the facility.


La Pizarra photovoltaic park

The La Pizarra solar park will produce approximately an average annual energy of 19,785MWh. This energy obtained through a renewable source such as the sun, will be the equivalent of the electricity consumed by more than 6,500 Spanish homes.

On the other hand, taking into account the technical figures of the project, for the execution a structure with trackers on one axis will be installed. Subsequently, the installation will be completed with more than 20,000 photovoltaic panels and 3 inverters. In addition to the construction of the park, the integral execution of the transformation center will also be carried out.

Finally, taking into account the key dates of the project, he expects the start-up to be effective in September of next year.

Enerland in Spain

Spain It is one of the countries in the world that receives the highest average solar radiation rate throughout the year . Exploiting an unlimited natural resource to generate renewable energy offers numerous benefits for both society and the planet. One of the most important is that the production of photovoltaic energy, compared to the generation of other types of conventional energy, avoids the emission of tons of CO2 and other polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Investing in renewable energy is the future. Let’s continue betting on the transition to sustainable energy.

With this, there will be four of us photovoltaic parks in the Iberian Peninsula and 18 in the world.